Products Technical Supervisor

Established since 2006 Bodia has started its activities by opening sheltering cocooning Spas ( in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh proposing an authentic vision of relaxation in a modernly designed Cambodian Spa. In order to guaranty the quality of its treatment Bodia has created its own line of natural products made in Cambodia that promotes the local know-hows and uses local resources under the brand Bodia Cambodian Apothecary (

Nowadays, Bodia is a network of 4 Spas in Cambodia dispensing quality treatments and proposing therapist training to other Spa or hotels and extending its service to franchise opening. Products are made in our own factory in Phnom Penh and sold in Spas, 6 dedicated boutiques, a network of 50 local customers, 1 online store.

Particularly sensitive to social progress to be made in professional environment of Cambodia, the Bodia group takes to heart to develop a long term activity in the respect of collaborator’s dignity and therefor gets concerned by every social implication of its partners and collaborators by applying fair trade’s principle on a daily basis.

In order to support and develop its operations and promote its image, Bodia is seeking for a Products Technical Supervisor.

Contrat’s type: Full time job local contract.

Duration: 1 year minimum

Salary: $1500 - $2000/ month (based on experience)

Location: Phnom Penh

Position profile:

The product technical Supervisor (PTS) is in charge of the technical expertise of Bodia products and shall overlook the following aspects of the products:

  • Regulatory affairs
  • R&D
  • Quality

Fonctions & responsibilities:

PTS shall have following responsibilities :

  • Legal registration

Bodia general policy aims to follow a R&D and production European standards. PTS shall ensure proper documentation, cosmetic folders, application of GMP, registration towards competent authoritie.

  • R&D

Member of the Bodia’s decision team, the PTS shall participate to the new strategic products definition. He/ She handles the R&D phase by sourcing appropriate ingredients, conceptualize the prototypes, the production process and the tests validation.

On a marketing point of view, the PTS actively participate in benchmarking the existing cosmetics global market and trends.

  • Quality

In order to guarantee a constant quality level of Bodia products, the PTS is in charge to supporting the production quality teams, procurement team members in the raw material monitoring, production processes and final products conditions.

Requested skills:

• Minimum Master 2 in cosmetic engineering or equivalent.

• 2 to 3 years of experience (excluding internship)

• English, spoken, read, written.

• Creative and open mind

• Pack office.

Code of conduct:

The candidates shall be selfconducted, independant and creative in his/ her professional and personal life. Meticulous, he / she knows how to work under pressure and take initiative while maintaining an appropriate communication between all departments members.

He/ She knows how to adapt in a challenging working environment that combines various culture and working conditions.

Listing created Mar 15, 2019