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Join the Learning Marathon!

Enrol Yourself is redesigning lifelong learning by harnessing the power of peer groups. We run the #LearningMarathon: 6-month peer-led learning accelerator programmes designed to integrate alongside work.

We bring groups of 10–12 people together to pool their resources, skills, creativity and enthusiasm, each working toward an outcome they couldn’t achieve alone.

You can join the #LearningMarathon in:

- Glasgow - a cross-sector peer group focussing on using creative arts to drive positive change in dementia care.

- Birmingham - a multidisciplinary peer group for adults who want to explore questions of personal or societal significance.

- London - working to change bodies, minds, systems, society? Join this peer group to explore power and agency.

Do it for:

- Close-knit peers and a community of practice.

- Access to the wider combined network of the peer group.

- Structure and accountability to build your momentum.

- A skills upgrade. Push your ability collaborate, create and continually learn.

- A unique project to showcase your capabilities.

- Would it be a marathon without a medal?

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Listing created May 3, 2018