Operations manager



Support (both strategizing and implementing) the Project Coordinator/COO with the following tasks:

• Global project coordination - Internal processes:

◦ Collecting key updates on the project and sharing with Wellbeing Project key

stakeholders (bimonthly), ensure information flows across the different pillars of the

project, and ensuring rhythm of the whole is working

◦ Policies and protocols: create, improve and implement systems, policies and protocols

based on team’s needs and feedback

◦ Finance management: internal management and follow-up of the expenses and financial


◦ Hiring process: support with selection process and onboarding of new team members

◦ Legal management: support with coordination of legal & fiscal questions to experts &


◦ Infrastructure: lead the coordination of our (physical, digital,...) infrastructure and

technology with the support of 2 other members of the coordination team

• Global project coordination - Co-creation support:

◦ You’ll be the person responsible for liaising with 2 of the co-creators, incl. calls twice a

month with each co-creator representative, scheduling and minutes taking, making

connections to other areas of the project, potentially support with organization of a

physical meeting, sharing back the learnings and agreements to the rest of The

Wellbeing Project

• Analysis of project data: support in collecting and analyzing internal qualitative and quantitative

data across the project

Listing created Mar 9, 2018