Research Engineer

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About VeriVin

VeriVin is an innovative startup developing a unique non-invasive wine analyser and working on the quantum-enhanced spectroscopic sensing of trace compounds in inaccessible complex liquids. Non-invasive characterisation, fault testing, monitoring and authentication leading to a powerful database of molecular ID tags that could revolutionise the wine and spirits industry.

VeriVin is extending the capabilities of its already patented technology in order to non- invasively detect the presence and concentration of various molecular compounds in unopened bottles of wine – through the glass, without the need to take the cork out. The principal application of VeriVin’s technology is in quality control, but it could also be used to characterise a bottle of wine in order to monitor its progress over time, compare it to other bottles, or even verify its authenticity, all without the need to open the bottle or extract a sample.

In more general terms, VeriVin is working on the quantum-enhanced spectroscopic sensing of trace compounds in inaccessible complex liquids and the database of molecular ID tags that could be built as a result. This capability could have a truly disruptive impact on the wine and spirits industry and eventually be applicable in other fields like defence or the chemical industry.

About You

We are looking for a talented and proactive scientist/engineer with experience working in an optics lab or other hands-on environment to join our team and be part of a UK government funded collaborative project with the University of Oxford physics department. We seek a self-motivated independent thinker who nevertheless also enjoys working in a team. An affinity for tinkering is an absolute must. If you don’t shy away from making or fixing things, this job is for you.


Essential: Optomechanics, electronics, optics, spectroscopy (e.g. SRS or CARS) and programming (LabView, Matlab, Python, C++). Must be proficient in English and have permission to work in the UK.

Desirable: Knowledge of quantum optics/quantum mechanics and/or some understanding of organic chemistry. As there will be some travel, a driving license would also be useful.

Bonus: Knowledge of wine chemistry or even just an appreciation of wine.

Listing created Oct 31, 2017