Founded in 2008, Babyloan.org is the leading European peer-to-peer microfinance website. It enables its visitors to make philanthropic loans in an original and transparent manner, to micro entrepreneurs in developing countries, France and Belgium. Babyloan works with 24 MFIs partners that ensure the selection of projects, approval and granting of microcredits and the support to micro entrepreneurs. Babyloan is a low-cost refinancing tool used by MFIs. Babyloan’s mission is two-fold: to increase the loan portfolios of small and medium MFIs in order to reach more people who are excluded from the traditional banking system; and to improve, over the medium and long term, the conditions on the loans granted to micro entrepreneurs.


Hofokam was born in 2003 after the merger of three microfinance programs developed by the dioceses of Hoima, Fort Portal and Kasese, from which arises the name HOFOKAM, HOima - FOrt Portal - KAsese Microfinance. Hofokam’s mission is to provide quality financial services, information and training to low income working population and enterprises so that they can fully develop their potential.


Within the context of our partnership signed in 2015 and its increasing credit activity, Hofokam is looking for a volunteer based in Fort Portal for a minimum period of 3 months, starting as soon as possible.

The main responsibilities of the volunteer will be to:

- Accompany loan officers to the field

- Collect and audit information on the beneficiaries of micro credits

- Write the profiles of such beneficiaries

- Enter clients’ information into Babyloan’s back office

- Offer support in training of staff and help to enhance efficiency of client profile collection on Babyloan’s website

- Help to prepare reports including monthly client profiles, client repayment reports, quarterly and yearly financial reports and semester loan affectation certifications


- Student (Bac +3). No particular field required

- Fluent in English

- Excellent computer skills – Email, Word, Excel, Internet

- Interest in microfinance and crowdfunding

- A first experience in microfinance, bank or credit procedures will be considered an advantage

- Motivation and ability to work independently

- Open-mindedness and adaptability

- Experience abroad, ideally in an English-speaking country

DURATION: Minimum 3 months

STATUS: Volunteer. The candidate will sign a non-remunerated contract with the MFI

The intern should be prepared to cover all of his or her costs including travel, accommodation, and living expenses. He will be assisted in the search of accommodation


Please send your resume and cover letter to Cristina Alvarez, Investment Officer: cristina@babyloan.org

Listing created Oct 3, 2017