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We are a global non-profit on a mission to unlock the potential of deep-technologies to solve the world's most pressing issues. We bring together a community of actors who believe that science and advanced technology can contribute to shaping a better future.

We accelerate the transfer of breakthrough technologies into real world solutions by
Creating a global actionable network for deep-tech entrepreneurs by facilitating collaboration between entrepreneurs, industry and investors aiming to make breakthrough innovation an everyday reality.
Helping corporates and public authorities to understand the potential of advanced technologies and to help them build collaborations with deep-tech startups.
Providing key knowledge and expertise to researchers and early-stage entrepreneurs.

Since 2011, we source projects creating lasting impact through competitions worldwide, culminating with our Global Challenge, the most exclusive worldwide competition gathering 3,500 deep tech entrepreneurs from 120 countries each year. Over the course of a year, we want to help them find their solutions faster from lab-to-market by highlighting, empowering and connecting them across the globe with the right enablers (larger corporations, investors, incubators and accelerators, experts, mentors…).

In order to do so we organize exclusive events in several countries, our flagship event being the Global Summit when we bring in Paris more than 3,000 science influencers and international leaders to build a better world for tomorrow.

As we want to provide a tailored approach to helping on the ground deep-tech startups, developing ecosystems, and building a worldwide actionable network, we developed Hello Tomorrow Local Hubs in 11 countries.

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